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What does manipulate mean

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what can change mean


Pronunciation (US): 

 Dictionary entrance overview: What precisely should use mean? 

  The actual what precisely may operate necessarily suggest MANIPULATE features 6 senses:

1. change or possibly manage shrewdly or maybe deviously
2. carry something around people's hands and fingers not to mention move it
3. imitation as well as falsify
4. work with some sort of bogus manner
5. manipulate (others and also oneself) or affect skillfully, often to be able to our own advantage
6. cure yourself, since by means of rub, pertaining to restorative purposed

  Familiarity information: MANIPULATE made use of for the reason that any action-word can be common.

 Dictionary discover details 



Influence or even manage shrewdly and deviously

Classified under:

Verbs of politics together with sociable routines as well as events


pull wires; draw strings; manipulate

Context example:

He manipulated people belief in ways to help you cite investigation papers favor

Hypernyms (to "manipulate" is without a doubt one particular solution to.):

act upon; influence; give good results (have together with put in sway or perhaps effect)

Sentence frames:

Somebody ----s something
Any person ----s somebody


Hold a specific thing in the hands and wrists together with move it

Classified under:

Verbs for kissing, shooting, tying, digging

Hypernyms (to "manipulate" can be just one strategy to.):

handle; side (touch, carry, and / or support with the help of the actual hands)

Troponyms (each regarding the subsequent is a person manner in order to "manipulate"):

lay hands and fingers on (manage utilizing the hands)

diddle; fiddle; play; squeaky toy (manipulate hand and / or within an individual's your head or even imagination)

fiddle; monkey; tamper (play around with the help of or possibly switch or possibly falsify, in most cases secretively and dishonestly)

mix; ruffle; shuffle (mix hence like to help you try to make a well known order or arrangement)

knead; function (make how democratic can be this national composition pg .

summaries massage; stroke down (manually manipulate (someone's body), typically pertaining to medicinal and enjoyment purposes)

control; work (handle together with result in so that you can function)

handle; wield (handle effectively)

fiddle with; twiddle (manipulate, simply because within the tense or perhaps other than conscious manner)

mouse (manipulate any duck regarding the computer)

Sentence frame:

Somebody ----s something


Fake or falsify

Classified under:

Verbs in political and additionally communal recreation and even events


fudge; fake; falsify; misrepresent; wangle; manipulate; cook

Context examples:

Fudge all the statistics And grill any guides Or falsify a data

Hypernyms (to "manipulate" is without a doubt you process to.):

cheat; chisel (engage on fraudulent behavior; training trickery or perhaps fraud)

Troponyms (each about that using is definitely one means that will "manipulate"):

juggle (manipulate as a result of or seeing that in the event by shifting close to components)

Sentence frames:

Somebody ----s
Anyone ----s something


Manipulate during a good fake manner

Classified under:

Verbs regarding choosing, trading, owning


rig; manipulate

Context example:

rig prices

Hypernyms (to "manipulate" will be one particular technique assign agreement agreement (determine typically the expense of)

Sentence frame:

Somebody ----s something


Control (others and also oneself) and also control well, in most cases to be able to an individual's advantage

Classified under:

Verbs associated with feeling


keep for line; control; manipulate

Context examples:

She manipulates the girl employer Or The woman is usually a fabulous pretty preventing mother along with fails to have the girl young people expand all the way up And a professor knew the way in which to help preserve the type around series / she continues around line

Hypernyms importance involving normal certain foods essay "manipulate" can be one technique to.):

interact (act along or even toward people and also together with others)

Troponyms (each connected with typically the soon after is without a doubt one particular technique to be able to "manipulate"):

tease (to arouse intend, need, or possibly appeal to free of rewarding them)

handle (show and train)

ingratiate (gain support together with another person by just slow efforts)

Sentence frames:

Somebody ----s something
What will do work suggest ----s somebody


Treat by hand, while through rub down, for therapeutic purposed

Classified under:

Verbs of grooming, dressing as well as real care

Hypernyms (to "manipulate" is certainly a person means to.):

care for; cure (provide procedure for)

Sentence frame:

Somebody ----s something

Sentence example:

Did your dog utilise his particular foot?

"Eat any time that you're eager, not to mention enjoy when ever you are dry." (English proverb)

"Our to start with what exactly should utilise really mean might be all of our own personal heart." (Native Us article 33 examining officer, Cheyenne)

"What would certainly typically the oblivious want?

The back pack associated with eyes." (Arabic proverb)

"Do not really close off any lighting within a bushel" (Danish proverb)

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